Special Beef Sale – Please Read….




Special Sale Opportunity on a limited supply of our  100% Grass Fed/finished Beef (Must Pre-order)…..
Honey Brook beef is 100% grass fed & finished on our chemical free fields. No grain, No hormones, No antibiotics! However, if it is necessary we will give antibiotics since we don’t want an animal to suffer unreasonably nor become extremely contagious. Thus whenever antibiotics are used, the meat is kept back from being sold at market. This is our standard.

We had a steer processed that was going to be just for family use due to being given a one time surface application of an antibiotic due to a bad contagious case of pink eye at 9 months of age. With it being just a one time dose and at a young age, our family was very comfortable with & planning to use the beef personally. However, we have sufficient meat in our freezers at the moment and so have decided to offer this beef to our customer base at a discount.

We hope you are able to take advantage of this  savings on exceptional quality 100% grass fed/finished beef. Note that this beef will not be stocked at any market and so must be pre-ordered! Price posted is price per pound.

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Fajita Meat, Chuck Roast, Short Ribs, Cube Steak, Stew Meat, Sirloin Strip, Beef Bones, Beef Bones, Hanging Tender, Liver, Heart, Sweet Bread, Kidney, Skirt Steak


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