Welcome to the web site of Honey Brook Farms - a family run farm in Culpeper, VA where we offer pasture raised, non-GMO meats & eggs, Chemical Free produce, RAW Honey, Baked Goods, & More! Learn more about us and come visit us at market or check out our farm products.

Wholesome Quality

As we have come to understand how nutritionally deficient, chemically full, & genetically modified most meats, eggs, fruits, vegetables, and honey are, we realized the harm this could cause to not only our health, but that also of our children, grandchildren, and our own community.

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  • Herd Shares for Raw Milk

    Herd Shares now available from our 100% Grass Fed Dairy Cows. Our dairy operation is one of very few in the country that keeps their cows on pasture 365 days a year. Then out of the 5-15% of grass fed dairy operations, most will supplement with grain in some way. We never give any grain […]

  • Beyond Organic Produce

    No Pesticides – No Herbicides – No Fungicides – Unlike conventional farming, we are building up our soil by using rich organic material in our gardens, rotational & successional plantings, row covers, & more, we work to keep bug & disease at a minimum and so produce quality food you can eat with confidence.

  • Pasture Raised Meats

    100% Grass Fed/Finished Beef & Lamb and Pasture Raised, Non-GMO Project Verified Fed Chicken, Turkey, & Pork. Our animals move across chemical free pasture where they forage in the sun on a rich salad bar of local grasses, clover, & flowers for flavorful meat without the use of antibiotics or hormones.

Monsanto sells out

  Friday morning was especially beautiful. As the sun came over the trees, a team was splitting and stacking firewood while the bee hives were being inspected. Not much later the ovens were fired up as Sprouted Wheat Bread, Granola Bars, Almond flour cookies, & more took form. Fall time hive inspection…. Stacking wood for the […]

Honey-Lime Chicken Wings

Honey-Lime Chicken Wings – a recipe from Amanda’s kitchen. After trying this tasty dish out earlier this week, they quickly decided it should be shared with you! 3 pounds chicken wings 3/4 cup all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon salt 1/3 cup honey 3 Tablespoons lime juice 1 Tablespoon lime zest 2 garlic cloves, minced (1 teaspoon) […]